Members MIA
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 08 August 2007 21:26


Can you help out with the following Members contact details, or if you know of any other Members who are not on the contact list, please send their contact details to Peter Gurney.

Their surnames may be spelt incorrectly or they may have changed due to marriage etc.

Where are they now?

Angelo Gavin Goven Allan Pantling Bill
Blood John Hollyoak Bob Phillips Jim
Cleven Cory Houseman Jenny Rafter Kev
Couglin John Howlet Karen Rowe Mick
Crawford Steven Johnson Kevin Stewart Vic
Davis Phil Kelly Ned Strazen Peter
Deroy Rob Law Derek Tanswell Owen
Frasier Terry Luczak “Lucky” Wernesom Vera
Greenwood Nick Mullhurn Debbie Woods Les
Gillbanks Danny    

Peter Gurney